E9O Series LED Headlight

What are the features of E9O?

  1. EMC anti-interference;
  2. Intelligent temperature control;
  3. Use copper tubes to dissipate heat;
  4. High brightness with CSP chips;
  5. Small size.

What is EMC anti-interference?

EMC anti-interference refers to the electromagnetic compatibility capability, which is a very important consideration in the manufacture of electronic equipment. It means that electronic equipment will not be affected by electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic waves during operation, nor will it generate excessive electromagnetic interference and interfere with the normal operation of other equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation and stability of electronic equipment, manufacturers need to conduct EMC tests on the equipment and ensure that its anti-interference ability meets certain requirements and complies with relevant international or industry standards.

What is the function of intelligent temperature control of car headlights?

The main function of intelligent temperature control of car headlights is to control the temperature of the headlights, prevent the headlights from being damaged due to overheating and provide more stable lighting effects.

The intelligent temperature control system will detect and control the temperature of the headlights in real-time. If the temperature of the headlights is too high, the system will automatically reduce the brightness of the headlights or turn on the ventilation system to reduce the temperature and prolong the service life of the headlights. And if the temperature of the headlights is too low, the intelligent temperature control system will also increase the temperature of the headlights, thereby shortening the warm-up time and allowing the headlights to reach the optimal brightness more quickly.

In addition, the intelligent temperature control system can also be adjusted according to different driving environments and weather conditions to ensure that the headlights can adapt to different light environments and temperature environments, providing clearer and more comfortable lighting effects. In general, the intelligent temperature control system can improve the service life and stability of automobile headlights, and better meet the needs of drivers.

Why use copper tubes to dissipate heat?

Copper tubes of the same thickness have better heat dissipation performance than aluminum tubes because copper has a higher thermal conductivity than aluminum. Copper tubes can transfer heat from the inside of the tube to the outside of the tube faster, improving heat dissipation efficiency. Therefore, copper tube heat sinks are more suitable for use in applications with higher circuit frequencies, and where space is limited, stronger heat transfer capabilities are required. However, since copper is denser than aluminum, copper tubes are heavier than aluminum tubes for the same volume. Therefore, many manufacturers consider the weight and cost issues, and aluminum tubes are usually a more common option when producing LED headlights.

However, in order to provide customers with better products and use effects, we use copper tubes as the heat dissipation parts of LED headlights.

What are the advantages of CSP-led lamp beads?

CSP (Chip Scale Package) LED is a smaller but higher-power LED technology than traditional SMD LED. CSP LEDs have the following advantages:

Higher brightness: CSP LED adopts direct packaging technology, which makes the circuit connection shorter and more compact so that the LED power is higher and the brightness is stronger.

Smaller size: CSP LED packages are very small, only about 1/10 of ordinary LEDs, making LEDs easier to install and enabling more compact designs.

Better thermal performance: CSP LEDs are directly mounted on the heat sink, which can better dissipate and handle the heat, improving the life and stability of LEDs.

More energy-saving: Under the premise of ensuring brightness, the power of CSP LED is only about 1/3 of that of ordinary LED, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Because of these advantages, CSP LEDs are gradually being widely used in lighting, automobiles, and other fields.

Small size for easy installation.

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