F6 Series Automotive LED Headlight Bulbs | 10000LM | 6500K | 55W CANBUS

Available Models:
Dual Beam: H4(9003/HB2), 9004(HB1), 9007(HB5), H13(9008 ).
Single Beam: H7, H8,  H10, H11, 9005(HB3), 9006( HB4), 9012(HIR2), PSX24, PSX26, H1, H3, H16(JP), P13, H16(EU),880, 881.

Single Beam: 10000LM
Dual Beam: 10000LM

Color Temperature:  6500K

Features: 95% CANBUS Issue Solved/Intelligent Temperature System/Customized High Brighter LED Chips / Powerful Dual Ball Fan / Open Cooling System / Fast Heat Dissipation.

Item No.



55W / Bulb

LED Quantity

8PCS-G-XP (High/Low Beam)
4PCS-G-XP (Single Beam)


DC 9-32V



Waterproof Rate



18 Months

Details About F6 Series Automotive LED Headlight Bulbs | 10000LM | 6500K | 55W CANBUS

1.  Canbus performance, 95% Canbus issue solved

F6 led headlight with Canbus performance, which can solve 95% Canbus issue, no need to buy additional Canbus adapter to help, no radio interference after installation.

2. Temperature adjustment system

F6 LED has a temperature adjustment function. As the temperature of the bulb rises, the power will drop to a certain level. This is a normal phenomenon and will help the bulb to prolong its service life. The power provided in the data is laboratory data and does not represent the power after long-term work.

3. Open cooling system and fast heat dissipation

No cover at the bottom of the heat dissipation, more space, faster heat dissipation, built-in strong rotating fan, long service life, low noise.

4. Powerful dual ball fan

High-speed rotating fan, 15000 RPM, less attenuation, long service life, and stability.

5. Customized high brighter LED chips special for automobile

Enhance +300% brightness than other economic chips, perfect lighting pattern than other economic chips. Widely beam range, center point focused.

6. Small size very easy to install

F6 led headlight same height as a halogen bulb, can apply to 99% of vehicles on the market with its small size, 55 Watts per bulb using 4pcs of the customized high brighter chip, which produced around 5000 lumens per bulb.

7. Waterproof 

Adopted nanoscale waterproof design applicable to different weather, safer led headlight.

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